Antonio Molkovich Grave Marker
Dilliard building
Dillard building as it appears today where the massacre victims were laid out on a concrete floor (read my book) for two days in late June. Today a photo shop replaces the temporary morgue.
The house of horrors where the massacre victims were viewed by the local masses.
Death cettificate for Massacre vicitim Raymond Jacobs
Death certificate for Massacre vicitim Howard Hoffman
Death certificate for Massacre vicitim John Shoemaker
Crowd at strip mine day after massacre
Blown up shovel at Lester strip
Locomotive at Lester strip pit after massacre
Shovel at mine
Twins at Lester strip
Shop at Lester strip pit
Lester Strip Pit as it appeared in 1938 sixteen years after the massacre.
Lester Strip Pit Today
Lester mine cut today
Lester strip cut
View today of one of the cuts at Lester mine
One of the cuts of the old Lester strip pit
Newspaper article
Prominent in Herrin Massacre Trial
Coal cars burning at Lester strip pit after the massacre
Map of the Herrin Massacre death march
Part of a presentation given to the city by Steven DiNaso about issues in the cemetery.
Part of the team working to find Molkovich
Professor Steven DiNaso in front of marker one hundred years later in the Herrin cemetery.
1912  Herrin cemetery
Notice the cemetery record book is missing a page. The page that was removed has the lots in question where the massacre victims are buried.
The page that was missing (removed) has been added to the back of the book.
Powerhouse for electric railraod. Behind this building is where most of the killing took place.
View today where the powerhouse once stood. Located on College road in Williamson County Il.
Crenshaw crossing where Otis Clark made his famous speech the morning of the massacre
Old road bed that men were marched out on leading back to Lester's strip pit
Moake's crossing where the mob waited as Clark took CK McDowell out of the line of prisoners and shot him
death march road as it appears today, looking west from Moake's crossing
Herrin Massacre
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